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Creator of the Twintronic Technology

With the success of our electric cutout we took it to the next level, The Screamer. A dual mode muffler with a single inlet with a dual outlet. One outlet is a straight pipe with a valve at the end on a 360 degree floating flange for total adjustability. When the valve is open you get the loud and free flowing exhaust system. Close the valve and the exhaust gases are diverted through the muffled section to get the quiet mild-mannered sound. This is the only system out there that can give you exactly what you want. Other systems that make the power are loud all the time which gets old. Other systems are on the quieter side, which lacks the power. With all the noise restrictions coming out The Screamer is the only system that gets you the power and sound you desire! All systems are stainless steel for clean look and Made in the USA.

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Multiple Options

At QTP we love giving our customers options and the Screamer Twintronic Mufflers are no different. We have a muffler to fit your application.


How does the Screamer Work?

The driving force behind the Screamer Twintronic Muffler is that the you, the driver has total control over the system. You control the volume, you control the power. When the valve is closed, the system is closed off on one side. Giving you that signature Screamer sound but at a reduced volume and no high pitch tones. When you want more? Simply open the valve as little or as much as you like and unleash the power!